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This study was carried out to investigate the NO 3 content of well waters in the Kumluca Region. For this purpose, water samples were taken from 20 wells in the Region on 13 th May 1996. In water samples; EC, NO 3 and NH 4 analyses were carried out, and [NO 3 -N]+[NH 4 -N] and NO 3 -N were calculated. The results obtained showed that the NO 3 concent of the well waters in the region changed from 2.46 to 164.91 mg/l, NH 4 concent from 2.35 to 7.22 mg/l, [NO 3 -N]+[NH 4 -N] concent from 2.84 to 40.02 mg/l and EC from 548 to 1643 µmhos/cm. It has found that the NO 3 content of the 50 % of the well waters were higher than 45 mg/l which was accepted as critical value for the NO 3 pollution in waters. The use of these well waters particularly as drinking water should be prevented by the necessary measures and in situations where this is inevitable, due to the positive correlation between the EC and NO 3 concentration, the waters with low EC might be suggested as drinking water.

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