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This study was carried out in Kahramanmaras ecological condition in 1994 and 1995. In this study peanut cv "Bocaunba" and peanut line "PI 260690" were planted at 60, 70 and 80 cm row spacies and 15, 20 and 25 cm intrarow seed spaces and the effects of sowing densities on yield and yield components were investigated. The effects of row spaces on pod number per plant, 100 seed weigth, yield per da, and kernel ratio, were significant in both years , on plant height, branche number per plant and oil content were insignificant in first year, while were significant in second year. The highest oil content (as average 47.2%) was obtained at 60 cm row spacies in 1995. The effect of intrarow seed spaces on branch number, 100 seed weight, yield per da, and kernel ratio were signigqficant in both year, while on plant height and pod number per plant were significant only in one year. Oil content was not effected by intrarow seed spaces, meanwhile protein content was not effected by row spaces and intrarow seed spaces. The highest kernel ratio was obtained from 60x25 cm plant density; however the highest yield was obtained from 60x15 plant density of (405.8, 408.5 and 348.4, 344.4 kg/da) in two years 1994 and 95 from "Bocaunba" cv and "PI 260690" line; respectively.

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