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In this study, 20 individual kernels of "Gün 91", "Kırkpınar 79", "Atay 85", "Kıraç 66", "Bolal 2973", "Bezostaya 1" and "Gerek 79" bread wheat cultivars that are grown in Turkey and their half diallel F 1 hybrids were analysed using polyacylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) in order to determine gliadin band patterns and to show homogeneity and/or heterogeneity. Result of electrophoretic analysis showed that there is a detectable variation within these cultivars and amongst their hybrids. However the heterogeneity in hybrids was larger than the one in parents. Some bands found in hybrids but not in parents and vice versa have also indicated that the real variation within cultivars were larger than observed. These results suggested that electrophoretic analysis of gliadin could be used in detecting homogeneity, which is an important criterion for certification and seed purity, as well as for increasing homogeneity in wheat breeding programs.

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