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In this study was aimed some quality changes and determitation of shelf life of scad (Trachurus trachurus)using different chilling methods and freezing temperature at -12 °C were investigated. Scad (Trachurus trachurus) stored different conditions and different temperature as, in sea water ice and water ice at -1 °C, sea water + sea ice at + 1 °C, water and water ice at + 1 °C and also freezing at -12 °C. In addition to sensory chracteristics also pH, trimethylamine (TMA), total volatile basic ammonia (TVB-N), thiobarbituric (TBA), peroxide value and ammonia, were determined. The results of labratory analysis indicated that all quality scores of scad decreased graduately towards the 18 th day. Fishes kept in sea water+sea water ice and water+ice similar results, meanwhile fishes kept at both conditions were unacceptable after 11 th day. Fishes kept in ice and sea water ice showed parallel results, and fishes at this conditions were found unacceptable on the 18 th day. Also fishes stored at -12 °C protected its freshnes towards the 18th day.

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