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This study were made for using above part of ear as forage in different maize cultivar (Zea mays cv. Ant-90, Tüm 82-6 and Ant-Pop) after fertilization above part of ear was removed at three different stages as after fertilization stage, milk dough stage and start of hard dough stage. The removing above part of ear in maize were reduced grain yield by 2.2 to 18.3%. In addition forage was obtained ranging from 358.78 to 898.12 kg/da. The most grain yield losses occurred in Tüm 82-6 and Ant-90 in after fertilization and milk stages. The decrease in the grain yield of Ant-Pop cultivar was insignificiant. Although the grain yield reduces in the cutting applications in after fertilization and milk stages were higher, both more forage and more quality of forage was obtained. The grain yield loses in cutting applications in hard dough stage was insignificant level. However, forage obtained from this cutting stage had low quality due to over ripness.

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