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The study was conducted to determine seedling stage tolerances to salinity stress of 7 bread wheat and 2 durum wheat cultivars which were widely grown in Eagean Region. The experiment comprised on two factors, salt (NaCl) concentrations (control, EC values 8, 16 and 24 mmhos/cm) and wheat genotypes. A split plot design was partitioned into 3 blocks representing a replication as salt concentration and each replication was devided into sub plots as cultivars. The characteristics such as rate of seedling emergence, length of shoot and root, dry weight of shoot and root, total dry weight, salt tolerance indexes were screened. The results obtained from the study showed that bread wheat cultivars, Cumhuriyet-75, Seri-82, and Basribey-95 were more tolerant while bread wheat cultivars, Kaklıç and Gönen were the least tolerant.

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