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In this study wood anatomical structure, ecological and phytosociological proporties of Pterocarya fraxinifolia (Poiret) Spach which one of the relict species of Turkey and occuring locally at Hacı Osman flooded forest (Tekkeköy-Samsun) have been investigated. The distribution area of the species in Turkey have also been determined. As a result of the study of wood anatomy of P. fraxinifolia have been determined and anatomical properties of P. fraxinifolia have been compared with Juglans regia L. belonging to same family. Leaf and soil samples belonging to P. fraxinifolia were taken and it has been determined that macro element concentrations are between normal ranges although they can be a little bit higher or lower than normal ranges. Phytosociological structure of Pterocaryo-Fraxinetum angustifoliae association have also been determined.

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