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This study was designed to determine the effect of impregnation with some chemicals on the density of wooden materials. For this reason, experimentals were prepared from Scotch pine and Oriental beech woods and impregnated with polyethylene glycole (PEG-400), ammonium per sulphate (AS), vacsol (V), and also water-repellent (WR), such as stryne, methylemetacrylate and isocynate according to ASTM-D 1413-76 It was found that, after impragnation process oriental beech wood dried in air was the most dense material when ıt is individually used with styrene and MMA, whereas Scotch pine wood was the most dense when it is used with water-repellent (WR) materials and with as secondary processed. The most density material at dry stuation at Oriental beech is obtained when processed with boric acid+borax+ styrene, izocynate and at Scotch pine is obtained with PEG-400+ boric acid +borax and izocynate.

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