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In this study, the stomata density of some pistachio cultivars such as Uzun, Kırmızı, Halebi, Siirt and Ohadi on P. vera, P. atlantica and P. khinjuk rootstocks were determined. Stomata density of leaves from the north side were higher than those of the south sides of trees. The stomata numbers per unit area on the abaxial side of leaves ranged from 114 to 151, and on the adaxial side of leaves from 171 to 221. The stomata densities of both side of leaves were affected by cultivars and rootstocks used. Halebi, Siirt and Ohadi cultivars had higher stomata density than Uzun and Kırmızı cultivars. A cultivar x rootstocks interaction was also found among the combinations. The cultivars on P. atlantica had more stomata per area than P. khinjuk and P. vera rootstocks. The highest stomata density was seen in P. atlantica / Halebi combination, followed by P. atlantica / Ohadi and P. vera / Ohadi. The lowest values were found in P. vera / Uzun and P. vera / Kırmızı combinations.

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