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The effects of different sowing dates (1st February and 1st March) and row spacings (30, 45 and 60 cm) on yield and quality characteristics of four sugarbeet cvs. (Evita, Sonja, Fiona and Anadolumono) were studied in Hatay ecological conditions in 1996 and 1997. Delayed sowings affected negatively all the yield and quality characteristics, and due to one month delaying of sowing root and sucrose yield decreased 8.06 % and 8.64% in 1996, and 37.7% and 40.4% in 1997, respectively. The highest root and sucrose yields obtained from 45 cm row spacing in 1996 (47.77 and 8.14 t/ha, resp.) and from 30 cm row spacing in 1997 (73.00 and 12.21 t/ha, resp.). While the highest root yield obtained from Fiona in 1996 (49.71) and from Anadolumono in 1997 (61.57 t/ha); the highest sucrose yield obtained from Fiona in 1996 (8.48 t/ha), from Evita in 1997 (10.22 t/ha), the root and sucrose yield differences of cvs were found statistically significant only in 1996.

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