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The objective of this work was to determine the effects on the budding success of loquat seedlings with different diameters and budding scions with different characteristics. The investigation was carried out during 1996 and 1997 years in Antakya. Hafif Çukurgöbek, Sayda, Gold Nugget and Şampiyon were used as the cultivars. The budding scions taken from bearing and non-bearing branches of these cultivars were budded on loquat seedlings with two different diameters (0.50-0.99 cm. and 1.00-1.50 cm.) by using T budding method. The percentage of bud-take (88.84 %) and bud-sprouting (63.51 %) in buddings of budding scions taken from non-fruited branches were found higher than the ones taken from fruited branches. The ratio of the budding success in the loquat seedlings with 1.00-1.50 cm. diameter was higher than the ones with 0.50-0.99 cm. But this difference was not found statistically important.

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