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The watershed area of Çoruh River in Yusufeli Region with its untouched landscape values is one of the distinguished potential areas where recreational and nature tourism activities can be carried out. In this research, the natural and cultural potentials of the area have been studied. In addition, recreational and touristic areas as well as the general recreational tendencies of people in the study area have been determined. A total of 500 questionnaire forms, which were prepared in the light the data gathered from this preliminary research, were applied to people living in the research area at both residential and temporary residential areas in 1994-1995. 3 different questionnaire forms were, on the other hand, answered by 138 foreign and native tourists according to the type of activity they took part in. The data obtained in the studies were analyzed statistically and the preference of natural landscape elements of people living in the area was carefully examined. Coefficients were determined for each landscape element in the light of these data. A mathematical evaluation method developed by Kiemstedt (1967) was used to determine mathematically the suitability of natural landscape elements for recreation. The topographic map to the scale of 1/100.000 was used in the applied studies. Natural landscape elements were analyzed in each cartographic grid square unit. The data obtained from the landscape analysis were first collected on tables then were multiplied by the coefficients and "Values of Suitability for Recreation" (VSR) were calculated for each unit.

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