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In this study, physical properties of Alder Wood [Alnus glutinose subsps. barbata (C.A.Mey.)Yalt.] were investigated. 10 trees used for experiments were obtained from Rize-Çayeli region and samples were then prepared in accordance with the related standarts. Width of annual rings, density in oven-dried and airdried position, density value in volume, the amount of shrinkage and swelling, the ratio of cell walls and air cavities, the moisture content of wood at green condition, and the fiber saturation point as physical properties were determined. Results indicated that, the mean values were as below: Width of annual rings, 2.61 mm: air dried and oven dried density, 0.511 g/cm^3 and 0.502 g/cm^3, respectively; density value in volume, 0.434 g/cm^3; the ratio of cell walls, % 33.44; the ratio of air cavities, % 66,54; the shrinkage longitudial % 0.50, radial % 5.27, tangential % 7.49, volumetrik % 13.24, the moisture content of wood at green condition completely saturated, % 163.74; and the fiber saturation point % 30.5.

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