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The aim of this study is to select desirable poppy lines introduced from different regions in terms of plant and agricultural characteristics. In the study, morphological and phenological observations on plants were done and seed, capsule yields, morphine ratio and morphine yield of each line were determined along two years. Only second year's results were evaluated for planting time as winter and spring. According to the results obtained, in the first year, flowering period varied between 79 and 116 days. While seed yield, capsule yield, morphine ratio and morphine yield varied between 8.22-76.75 kg/da, 6.14-69.72 kg/da, 0.57-1.40 %, 0.046-0.458 kg/da, respectively. In the second year, flowering period varied between 192-211 days for winter planting and 81-96 days for spring planting. Plant heights were 66.35-98.75 cm for winter planting and 60.00-91.60 cm for spring planting. Capsule number, stigma number and capsule yield were between 2.30-9.58, 9.98-12.88, 55.54-116.0 for winter planting and 1.93-3.55, 10.02-13.65, 49.26-111.1 kg/da for spring planting, respectively. Seed yield, morphine yield and morphine ratio were determined between 44.93-128.1, 0.468-0.852 kg/da, 0.53-0.98 % for winter planting and 55.4-136.1, 0.281-0.849 kg/da, 0.53-0.96 % for spring planting, respectively.

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