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This experiment was planned to research the possibilities of the use of embryo culture on seedless grape breeding. Samples of Sultani çekirdeksiz (Thompson Seedless), Ergin çekirdeksizi, 3A-261, Perlette, Pembe çekirdeksiz, 2B-56, Flame Seedless and King's Ruby seedless grape varieties were used. In the first year of experiment, pollen viability and germination, amount of pollen production and their morphological homogenity levels were determined. In the second year, plants were tried to obtain from seedless x seedless crossess by embryo culture. The results obtained in the experiment showed that all of the varieties had enough pollen viability and germination capacity. In addition, the amount of pollen production and their morphological homojenity levels were sufficient. Plants were obtained succesfully from hybrid combinations by embryo culture. Germination period of embryos were ranged between 2.5 days (Ergin çekirdeksizi x Perlette) and 9 days (Flame seedless x Perlette). The rate of germination was found over 77.1% (in Flame Seedless x Perlette). Percent of whole plant obtained from germinated embryos was zero in Ergin çekirdeksizi x Perlette while 78.9% in Perlette x Pembe çekirdeksiz combinations.

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