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In this study, some walnut types were stored in different conditions and packaging materials such as unshelled and shelled and investigated the quality variations during their storage . Our experiments showed that the most suitable conditions for walnut storage are at 0°C and 5°C and 55 -65 % of relative humidity. The polyethylene bags used as a packaging are more suitable than synthetic woven and cloth bags for unshelled walnuts. Least quality losses occured on vacum bags in shelled walnuts during storage. Unshelled walnuts were stored in more quality and for longer time than shelled walnuts.When the storage temperature was increased, the quality losses increased especially the content of free fatty acids. Our investigations showed that it could be stored 18 months for unshelled walnuts and 10-12 months for shelled walnuts at between 0°C and +5°C and at 55-65% relative humidity.

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