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This study was carried out to investigate the effects of different irrigation methods and regimes on the vegetative growth, fruit yield and quality of 'Starkspur Golden Delicious' and 'Starkrimson' apple trees on seedling rootstocks in Ankara conditions. Irrigation regimes were started to apply water when 30% (S_10) and 50% (S_20) of available water holding capacity in 120 cm soil depth were consumed and to apply water amount of 75% (S_11-S_21) and 100% (S_12-S_22) of Class A pan evaporation with the irrigation intervals of the S_10 and S_20 regimes. Irrigation water applied in drip and undertree microsprinkler irrigation methods was less than 28-46% and 12-24% and total evapotranspiration was found less than 20-32% and 8-19%, respectively, than the surface irrigation. In the last year, annual increment in trunk section area being as 29 cm^2, shoot length being as 22.5 cm, yield per trunk cross section unit area being as 0.24 kg/cm^2 and extra fruit ratio being as 17.42% were determined in Starkspur Golden Delicious for S_10 regime of drip irrigation. These values were 19.0 cm^2, 21.6 cm, 0.19 kg/cm^2 and 24.17%, respectively, in Starkrimson. In the same irrigation method for S_21 regime values of these parameters were 25.9 cm^2, 25.1 cm, 0.26 kg/cm^2 and 16.18% in Starkspur Golden Delicious, and 21.5 cm^2, 20.0 cm, 0.26 kg/cm^2 and 25.94% in Starkrimson, respectively. Drip irrigation was more convenient both cultivars and irrigation should start when 30% of available water holding capacity in 120 cm soil depth was consumed (p=0.30) (S_10) or 75% of Class A pan evaporation measured in 9 days intervals should be applied (IA=9 days, 0.75 Ep) (S_21).

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