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An experiment was conducted at Hatay in experimental station and farmers field during 1995-96 and 1996-97 season to work out the response of pea cv. Marmara to Rhizobium inoculation and chemical fertilization. Rhizobium inoculation increased the number of nodules and nodules dry weight in both year and location significantly. Nodulation status were superior in farmers field which has persistent history of legume cultivation. Nitrogen application and inoculation significantly increased total above ground dry matter except farmers field in 1996-97, and seed yields over uninoculated and without nitrogen given plots in both location. The highest above ground dry matter and seed yields were obtained from nitrogen+phosphorus (10 kg N, 5 kg P_2O_5/da) application and followed by nitrogen alone (10 kg N/da) and inoculation. However, nitrogen alone and inoculation was produced similar seed yield. Application of nitrogen and inoculation did not differ significantly, plant nitrogen percent at flowering, except 1995-96 Soğuksu, and seed nitrogen content.

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