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In this experiment, different levels of phosphorus fertilizer (0, 3, 6, 12 and 24 kg P_2O_5/da) were applied to the some groundnut varieties (PI 288109, NC 7, Gazipaşa and NY 7) under Kahramanmaraş conditions and pod yield, pod weight of plant, pod number of plant, 100 seed weight, seed/pod, seed oil content, oil yield, protein content and protein yield characteristics were studied. The results showed that NC-7 and Gazipaşa varieties gave the best response to phosphorus and 12 kg P_2O_5 /da was found to be the most suitable dose. While the highest protein content was obtained at the level of 6 kg P_2O_5 /da treatment and with the increasing fertilizer doses, the protein content decreased.

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