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In this research, the utilization of urea by New Zealand White, California and Chinchilla breed rabbits were examined using high protein level (20 % crude protein), low protein level (16% crude protein) and low protein supplemented with 1.4 % urea (16% crude protein + 1.4 % urea). Live weight, live weight gain, feed intake, feed efficiency; liver, heart, kidney, abdominal fat, caecum, carcass and fur weights, caecum pH, carcass quality parameters which were taken from right hindleg, back and waist areas of rabbits and blood serum urea, total protein, cholesterol and creatinin values were investigated. In the trial, at 8 week old weaned 36 rabbits (18 male and 18 female) from each three breed were randomly allocated to each of 3 diets with 3 replicates according to factorial experimental design. According to the results which were obtained from 6 weeks feeding period; when 1.4 % level of urea added to low protein diet; live weight, feed intake, feed efficiency and feed costs were not effected; but some organ weights, blood parameters and carcass composition were statistically differed according to the breeds in normal limits (P

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