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This study was carried out to determine the weeds causing problem in bean with their intensity, frequency and association in Askale, Dumlu, Pasinler and Tortum Districts of Erzurum in 1990 and 1995. In the research area, 71 different weed species belonging to 20 families were identified with a intensity of 48.44 weeds per square meter. The number of species found in Askale, Dumlu, Pasinler and Tortum was 35, 20, 50 and 38 respectively, with intensities of 57.37/m 2 in Askale, 28.90/m 2 in Dumlu, 42.64/m 2 in Pasinler and 66.29/m 2 in Tortum. Convolvulus arvensis was the most intensive and the most frequency species in research areas. The main weed species of the association in Askale was C. arvensis and S. arvensis and C. album in Pasinler and Tortum.

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