Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry




This study was conducted at Tokat-Kazova, Niksar Plain and Sivas Asagi Yildizli sites in 1991 and 1992. The 15 different potatoes cultivars were used in this study. Randomized Complete Block Desing with three replications was used in all field trials. Year x cultivar, site x cultivar and year x site x cultivar interactions were significant for nearly all characters. Ausonia, Agria, Resy, Marfona and Ilona had higher values for marketable tuber yields. Ausonia, Resy, Concorde and Ilona were found to be early-maturing cultivars. As average of two years, tuber yields varied from 2302.9 to 3731.1 kg/da at Tokat, from 2519.4 to 393.4 kg/da at Niksar and from 2262.9 to 2892.1 kg/da at Sivas. The highest tuber yields were obtained from Yaylakizi and Marfona at Tokat, from Agria, Resy and Marfona at Niksar and from clon-81016.10 at Sivas

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