Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry




The modes of penetration and infection of the isolates belonging various anastomosis groups (AG-2 type 1, AG-2 type 2, AG-3, AG-4 and Ag-5) of Rhizoctonia solani Kühn isolated from potatoes were investigated on the underground stems of the host. During the process of penetration, infection cushions were observed in all isolates in addition to the formation of labote appressoria by AG-3, AG-5 and direct hypel penetration of AG-4. Numerous fine infection pegs formed from infection cushions grew between or into epidermal cells following the penetration of cuticula. A similar mode of penetration was also occured by the infection peg produced from every lobe of appressorium expect that the infection peg enlarged immediately after passing through the cuticula. Further invasion of tissues beneath the epidermal layer continued inter and intracellular manner.

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