Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry


H. Hulusi ACAR




The transportation after harvesting in forestry operation follow one another. Sixty six percent of forest road network planned in Artvin Forest District is finished. Now, the average forest road density is 10.5 m/ha in the forested areas. In the Artvin region, where the forest road density is not enough and not adequately maintained, the transportation on forest roads is only performed by forest trucks. The number of forest trucks in the region is enough and their average ages are 20 years old. These trucks are generally 3 axed and AS 600 Dodge type. After measurements on the transport by truck in the region, the total time which are loading, transporting of woods by trucks, unloading and back to forest of empty truck, was determined in an average of 7 hours. If the transporting by truck is organized with the transport model (QSB), average 9.6 Billion TL are saved, according to these study results. Especially, the transport by tractors is proposed in some areas where the 24 percent of total truck log shifts carry less than 10 m 3 /shift at Artvin Region.

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