Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry


H. Hulusi ACAR




Artvin Forest District, which is the best example for mountainous forest areas in Turkey, was selected a suitable study area for this investigation. Data which were collected by using the repetition time technique were analyzed. Sixty six percent of the planned forest road network in Artvin Forest District has been completed. Now, the average forest road density in the district is 10.5 m/ha. The number of forest trucks in the region is enough. Trucks are 20 years old on average. These trucks are generally 3 axed and AS 600 Dodge type. In the region, transportation by trucks takes place between July-October. Average productivities are 14 m 3 /shift for softwood logs, 9 m 3 /shift for hardwood logs and 20 stere/shift for fuel woods. Measurements on the transportation by truck in the region indicate that total time of loading, transporting and unloading logs by trucks, and the returning time to forest is about 7 hours. The average truck speed from forest to the landings were found to be 10-15 km/hour and respectively 15-20 km/hour from the landings to forest. Especially, the transport by tractors is proposed in areas where 24% of total truck log shifts are made at a rate of less than 10 cubic meters/shifts.

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