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The aim of this selection research was to determine the having large fruits and high yielded of cornelian cherries ( Cornus mas L.) grown in Çoruh valley during 1994-1995. Forty types were choosen in terms of fruit size and productivity in the first year. Fifteen of these types which were found to be superior for consumption were selected using weighted rankit method in the first year, and the second year, the fruit characteristic of those types were evaluated. The fruit characteristics for the selected types were ranged 2.907-3.906 g for fruit weights, 5.950-10.707 for flesh/stone ratio, 11.5-16.8% for TSS, 43.78-76.75 mg vitamin C/100 g, 2.215-4.690% for total acidity (as malic acid), 3.042-7.168 for TSS/acid ratio, 4.220-9.960% for total sugar and 2.024- 5.664% for reducing sugar, respectively.

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