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Field evalutaions of wing traps baited with disparlure, Z-7,8-epoxy-2-methyloctadecane, were done in 1989, in Izmit-Isıktepe, Turkey, Wing traps with used and never used sticky inserts were used. Study was conducted in a 5 ha oak ( Quercus pe-treae (Matt.) Liebl. stand surrounded by 25-year-old radiata pine ( Pinus radiata D. Don.) plantations. Traps were hung 1.5-2.0 m above the ground in host trees, and 50-60 m apart from each other. A total of 1177 male moths were captured in 18 traps from June 12 to August 14, 1989. On average, eight male moths per week were captured by the traps baited with disparlure. Most of the captures occured in mid-July near the stms of oak trees. The captures were fewer on rainy days with low temperatures.

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