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This study that was carried out in 1992-93 at Kahramanmaraş, it was aimed at investigating of adaptation to double cropping conditions of 23 soybean cultivars. For this reason, characteristics such as yield (kg/da), first pod height (cm), pod number per plant, plant height (cm), 100-seed weight (g), vegetation period (day), days for flowering, seed oil percentage (%) and seed protein percentage (%) were investigated on cultivars are tested. Two-years data collected were brought together and analysed according to split plot design. Means of cultivars and interaction means of years x cultivars were compared using Duncan multiple range test. As a result, P9272 (MGII), P9301 (MGIII), P9302 (MGIII) and P9391 (MGIII) were recommended under double cropping conditions in Kahramanmaraş.

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