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This study was carried out under Çukurova (East Mediterranean region) conditions in order to determine the most definite effects of Common sour orange, Brasilian sour orange, Yuzu, Troyer and Carizzo citranges, Beneke trifoliate orange, Cleopatra mandarin, Volkameriana, Taiwanica, Rough lemon, Citrumelo 1452 rootstocks on the fruit yield of the Washington Navel, Valencia Late, Moro Blood and Shamouti oranges; Marsh Seedless and Redblush grapefruits; Kütdiken and Italyan Memeli lemons and Satsuma mandarin cultivars during 1993-1995. Sour orange showed medium performance on the productivities of orange cultivars. Carrizo citrange and Citrumelo 1452 for Washington Navel; Citrumelo 1452, Carrizo and Troyer citranges for Valencia; Troyer citrange for Moro Blood and Carizzo citrange for Shamouti were observed to be the most promising rootstocks. Carrizo citrange affected positively on the yield of Marsh Seedless and Redblush grapefruit cultivars. In addition, the effects of Common sour orange showed quite well performances on both of the grapefruit cultivars. Since the negative effects of Beneke trifoliate orange and Volkameriana had been seen on the grapefruits, these rootstocks should not be recommended in Çukurova region. Kütdiken lemon on Cleopatra mandarin and Italyan Memeli on Taiwanica were found to be most performant trees. Also, it could be considered that, both Yuzu and Common sour orange were found as promising rootstocks. For lemon cutivars, poor performances were obtained from the citranges when compared with the other rootstocks. Carrizo citrange, Citrumelo 1452 and Yuzu were found to be most important rootstocks as far as the yield of Satsuma mandarin is considered. It could be suggested that, these rootstocks should be used for Satsuma in Çukurova region instead of Common sour orange.

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