Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry




In this study, sapwood and heartwood samples obtained from Oriental spruce growing naturally only in East Black Sea region were investigated. Trees of 36-44 cm diameter were obtained from the Karahava region of Maçka Forest District. The discs examined were cut at 2 m above the lower end of the stems. Sapwood and heartwood samples from each discs were taken from 12 th growth ring after cambium and 7 th growth ring after the pith, respectively. The results showed that length, widht, diameter, lumen widht of earlywood and latewood tracheids and the diameter of bordered pits were greater in sapwood than in the heartwood, while the number of tracheids and the rays in per mm 2 are lower. Cell wall thickness, max. ray heigth, the width of the rays were statistically different from each other.

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