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Possiblities of in vitro multiplication of salep orchids, which have a great danger of extinction from nature, was investigated. Orchis anatolica Boiss, Orhcis coriophora L., Ophyrs bornumuelleri Schulz, Ophyrs phrigra Fleischm. et Borm., Serapias vomeracea and Himantoglossum affine, which are growing commonly in the East Mediterranean Area, were cultured in vitro by using embryo culture. In order to culture salep embryos, 14 different media were used. The highest average germination rate and plant formation from protocorm were found as 2.39% and 1.86%, respectively on Van Waes Debergh + Tomato Ekstract + Active Carbon (VW&D + TE + AC) media. The highest average tuber formation under in vitro conditions was found also on the same media (2.453 %).

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