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In this study Drechslera sorokiniana incidence was determined on subcrown internod and crowns of wheat and barley samples collected from Erzurum region in 1994 and 1995. Mycelial development and sporulation were investigated in the laboratory in 3 light periods and 4 agar media. Furthermore, pathogenicity tests were carried out in greenhouse on five wheat cultivars in pots. Under the field conditions, the mean percentages of disease ratios were found 46.8 % in wheat, and 51.1 % in barley in 1994; 48.9 % in wheat and 54.3 % in barley in 1995. During study, subcrown internod and crown 208 isolates of D. sorokiniana isolated from wheat and 343 from barley. The highest sporulation occurred at 12 hour light + 12 hour dark intensity in Malt Extract Agar. D. sorokiniana was the most pathogenic for cv. Hawk and the least pathogenic for in Lancer in greenhouse.

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