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This research was carried out for the purpose of determining the effects of three different planting densities (20x15 cm, 15x15 cm, 10x15 cm) on the yield of corm and cormel in commercially important gladiol varieties; Nova Lux, Victor Borge and Pe-ter Pears. Experiment was laid out with three replications in split plot design. Average values from each plot per corm for number of new corms, circumference of new corms (cm), weight of new corms (g), to-tal number of cormels, weight of cormels (g) and number of cormels in different circumference classes (class limits; 2.5 cm and smaller, 2.6-3.5 cm, 3.6-4.5 cm) were studied. Victor Borge appeared as the variety performing new corms with the heaviest and longest circumference. Nova Lux showed the highest values for total number of cormels, cormel weight and number of cormels in relation to class-I (0-2.5 cm) and class-II (2.6- 3.5 cm). Although effect of planting density on number of new corms, new corm circumference, new corm weight, cormel weight and total number of cormels was found insignificant; the most considerable numerical results were obtained from 15x15 cm planting density.

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