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The objective of this study is to estimate the biomass per single tree and hectar for Fagus orientalis Lipski stands in east the Black sea region of Turkey. Fresh and dry-weight tables constructed by means of the material collected on the 32 sample trees were choosen in 32 trial plots in the east the Black Sea region between Giresun and Hopa within 575 m - 1530 m altitude girdle. Sample plots were established 0.04 ha in size in stands of various maturity stages and site and density classes within the specified population. The plots were laid as squares (20 m x 20 m) using the N-S and E-W cardinal directions. All the trees in the sample plots were measured for their dbh, tree height and avarege crown diameter. In each sample plot, a tree which has average basal area has been selected as the sample tree. Each sample tree was measured for dbh, tree height, crown height, crown diameter, number branches, mean diameter of branches, All the branches of tree were cut, subdiveded and piled sep-erately in tree groups. All leaf-bearing twigs and leaves were removed from the live branches. The main stem was cut, as 2.05 m sections from bottom to top of tree. Sample disks 5 cm in thickness were taken from the middle of all stem section. Green mass of the tree section, live branches and dead branches were took and recorded separetely. Green mass of twigs and leaves were took and recorded together. Sample disks of stem, sample of live branches, sample of twigs and leaves were collected. All the samples were put in polyethylene bags and brought to the laboratory for further measurements. Following eqoation is used to estimate fresh and oven-dry weights of single tree components and per hectar.

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