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This experiment was carried out to propagate some seedless grape cultivars through embryo culture. Berry samples of Perlette, Flame Seedless, Sultani çekirdeksiz, Pembe çekirdeksiz, 2B-56 and King's Ruby were taken once a week between 3rd and 8th weeks after full blooming. The effects of media (MS, Nitsch and E20A) were observed on the germination of ovule and embryos. The rate of germination showed some differences due to sampling periods of cultivars and culture media used. In general, the best results were obtained from samples taken after the 5th week after full bloom and on E20A medium. Over 90.1% embryo germination rate (in 2B-56) was found on this medium. As a results, a good number of plants have been obtained from embryos of seedless grapes by this technique which was proved to be useful for breeding of seedless grape.

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