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This study was carried out to determine the effects of drip irrigation and different growing media on growth, yield and quality of tomato grown in greenhouse conditions. Peat, sand, perlite and volcanic ash as solid or mixed growing media, and loamy soil as control growing medium. The plants were grown in bag cultural system. The volume of bags was 10 liter. Up to fruiting the solution 600 ppm of 10-30-20, during fruit growing 800 ppm of 20-20-20 and at the harvesting 1200 ppm of 15-10-30 soluble fertilizer which has been specially formulized to be used in drip irrigation system, were used. The quantity of solution was de-termined by tansiometer. Total yield per plant, avarage fruit weight, avarage number of fruit, the yield per one liter solution, the amount of solution used during vegetation, number of leaves up to first flower, diameter and high of stem, pH, acidity, vitamin-C and S.S.D.M of fruit juice were determined. Peat and other growing media which consisted of 50 % peat can be suggested to use in tomato growing under greenhouse condi-tions according to the results of this study.

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