Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Alkali Sulfite Anthraquinone Ethanol (Asae ) Pulping of Cotton Stalks (Gossypium hirsutum L.)




Optimum alkali-sulfite-anthraquinone-ethanol (ASAE) pulping conditions of cotton stalks (Gossypİum hİrsutum L.) have been determined and the results obtained were compared with kraft process. 18 ASAE cooks were made by changing the effective parameters on yield and pulp properties. In addition. 4 kraft cooks were carried out at different active alkali Ievel. sulfidity and temperature being held constant at 25 % and 170 °C respectively. After the statistical evaluations of data. optimum conditions of ASAE pulping for cotton stalks were found as follows: Na_2SO_3 ratio on o.d. stalks 20 %. cooking time at maximum temperature 90 minutes. ethanol ratio w/v to pulping Iiquor 50 %. As a result. it was determined that ASAE pulps made from cotton stalks showed high viscosity. yield. brightness values and good papermaking properties.

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