Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

The Morphology and Yield of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and Forage Legumes in Intercrops




Seven forage Iegume species. Trİfolİum pratense L.. . T. resupinatum L.. Vicia villosa Roth.. Medİcago satİva L. cv. Nitro. M. scutellata (L.) Mill.. M. cilliaris (L.) and M. polymorpha (L.) var brevİspİna (Benth.) Heyn were intercropped with Hordeum vulgare L.. seeded at two rates in Nova Scotia-Canada (200 seeds/m^2 and 400 seeds/m^2) and the first harvest was at the silage and grain stages of barley. The Iegume main stem Iengths were Ionger at the Iower barley seeding rate and at the grain harvest in 1992. Vicia villosa consistently had Ionger stems than other Iegumes. V. villosa yielded more total dry matter and protein than other Iegumes except Trifolium pratense and Medicago satİva in 1991 and T. pratense at the silage harvest in 1992. As expected. in 1991. the Iower barley seeding rateresulted in Iower barley yields and higher totallegume yields but this trend was not significant. in 1992. Total dry matter and protein yields were also higher under grain than under silage harvesting in 1991 , but not in 1992.

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