Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Micropropagation of Pistacia atlantica Desf. Rootstock.




A suitable macroelement solution for the micropropagation of Pİstacia atlantİca Desf. using apical or axillary bud explants and decapitated shoots in vertical position is described. Shoot proliferation was achieved on a modified Quoirin and Lepoivre ( 1977) macronutrient solution (QL. 4 + Mg 2400) supplemented with Murashige and Skoog (MS) micronutrient solution (1962). 2x10{^-6} M BAP plus 5x10{^-8} M NAA. and shoots were rooted on a modified QL medium (1/4-strength QL.2) without BAP and NAA and supplemented with 5x10{^-7} M IBA. No shoot-tip necrosis was observed during İn vİtro mass clonal propagation and at the rooting stage.

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