Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Nitrate and Nitrite Contents of the Some Fruits Sold in Bazaars in Konya City




This research was carried out to determine the nitrite contents of some fruits (apple, grape, melon, water-melon and carrot) collected from various bazaars in Konya city. The nitrate contents of fruit samples were determined with the Cadmium Acetate Colon Method. The results were given as mg/kg (fresh weight). Acording to the evaluation of the results, the apple samples contained 0.00-398.40, the grape samples contained 10.67-294-30, the melon samples contained 23.40-142.80, the water, melon samples contained 7.09-168.00 and the carrot samples contained 4.81-151.20 mg/kg nitrate. On the other hand, the apple samples contained 0.00-4.24, the grape samples contained 0.00-2.80, the water-melon samples contained 0.00-0.58 mg/kg nitrite. The melon and carrot samples had not contained the nitrite. Except one apple sample, the other fruit samples' nitrite contents were determined below of toxic levels.

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