Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Investigation of Wheat Yield, Root Growth in Previous Crops and Wheat in Two-Year Rotation System Under Ankara Conditions




The aim of this research was to study yield and root length density in previous crops (lentil, vetchs, pea, oil radish and mustard) and wheat in a two- year rotation system whic has been conducted under Ankara conditions. According to the experimental results: There were significant differences in root length density of 6 previous crops which were planted before wheat. Root length density increased in wheat after previous crops in comparison to wheat after fallow in the second year. All crops having tap-roots showed higher root length densities in the same soil depth than wheat which has a fibrious root system. Wheat yields after some previous crops were higher than the wheat's after fallow. Therefore it may be concluded that there are different rotation systems which could be replaced the fallow in some areas of Central Anatolia where sprihg rainfall is sufficient.

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