Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

A Preliminary Study on Conceptual Design and Framework of Spatial Database and Geographic Information Systems for Turkish Forestry




This research introduces the framework and the contents of information systems in general. Being a spatial information system. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with their components are defined and explained. The necessity of GIS in Turkish forestry has been emphasized. To initiate a comprehensive study for the construction of a sound information system in forestry, the outline of necessary initial steps, being the conceptual framework of the spatial database, is explained. The framework of both the cartographic and the attribute database design were explained in detail. It was suggested that a collaborative study be initiated for an integrated forest resource management towards a well established ecosystem based management for the well being of the society. In conclusion, benefits of GIS in forestry were listed and discussed, and necessary initial steps were suggested to establish a sound forest information system for Turkish forestry.

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