Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Fire Resistance of Calabrian Pine (Pinus brutia Ten.) Wood Treated With Some Boron Compounds and/or Water Repellents




This study was designed for determination of fire-resistance properties of terated Brutia pine wood with some boron compounds both with aqueous or polyethylene glycole (PEG-400) solitions. Additionaly, some water repellents (WRs) (Parrafin wax styrene, and methymetacrylate) were used as blocking agents of boron in wood. Results indicated that chosen boron compounds (Boric acid, borax and sodium perborate) considerably eliminated th enegative increasing effects of WRs on wood flammabity (P?0.05). Since double process would not seem applicable both pratically and commercially, further studies are to be needed on single treaments of WRs + boron preservatives instead of consecutive treatment proceses.

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