Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Rural Population-Environment Relations and A Case Study From Turkey






Environmental problems effect everyone and every sector. But these problems usually are considered to be within cities and with city people. But in fact rural population and activities are closely related with environmental problems both from the point of causes and from the point of results of the problems. Although quite a number of researches are being conducted on environment and environmental problems, these researches are mostly technical. Besides there is also concentration on the researches that are made from the economic point of view. Unfortunately, these researches are really very poor from the sociological point of view. But it is very hard to find a fact in the world that is isolated from sociology. For this reason, we think that it will be very useful to consider environmental problems sociologically and taking rural population and activities into account. The research below is the result of such a thought. The research is made with the survey method in the rural parts of Kuşadası (Aydın) which is also an important tourism center. Sample was selected from the farmers in the rural part and amongst the rural yought randomly. Rsults have the important propecty of great help from the point of environmental politics, environmental conciousness, environmental education and administration.

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