Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Thermal Characteristics of a Solar Kiln at the 41° N Latitude




Efficient use solar energy at low temparatures is increased its applications in timber drying. In this study, in order to investigate the utilization possibilities of solar energy in timber drying a greenhouse type solar kiln dryer was built in Trabzon (Türkiye), and the thermal characteristics of solar kiln are compared with those ambient conditions. Between June 1989 and May 1990 the average ambient temperature was 14.2 °C and the average relative humidity was 76.4 %. In the same period, the average yearly kiln temperature was 35.7°C and relative humidity was 53.6 %. The maximum and minimum monthly kiln temperatures were 50.2 °C in August and 23.0 °C in January respectively. Similary, the lowest relative humidity of the kiln was 41.4 % in August and the highest of which was 61.8 % in January.Besides, the daily maximum and minimum temperatures in August were 57.0 °C and 28.5 °C respectively. During months of a year the average temperature was over 35.0 °C. Generaly, the maximum daily kiln temperature and the minimum relative humidity occured during the period of 12.00-14.00 hours.

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