Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Use of Commercial Hybrids as a Genetic Resource for Breeding Monogerm Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) Varieties




This research, with the aim of breeding monogerm sugar beet varieties, has been carried out since 1984 in the Experiment Stations of Adapazarı, Ereğli, Eskişehir, Etimesgut, Hasankale and Konya in Sarmısaklı Seed Production Farm (Lüleburgaz). Pollination of greenhypocotyl diploid multigerm plants (components of Türkşeker-1) with normal cytoplasms by redhypocotyl plants that were selected from commercial diploid (Donor, Primohille, Zumo, Britta, Rizor) and anisoploid (Allyx, Gemini, Kawemono) monogerm hybrid varieties with steriel cytoplasms was traced by hypocotyl color and an original breeding program for breeding monogerm sugar beet varieties was developed. Following this program, high-yield and high-quality monogerm populations and lines having good combining abilities were obtained. O-type plant search among these populations and lines is being carried out and developing male sterile (MS) equivalent lines of these O-types and finally breeding monogerm hybrid sugar beet varieties will form the next part of study.

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