Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Investigations on Yield an Quality Characteristics of Some Stawberry Cultivars Grown Under Adana and Pozanti Ecological Conditions




These investigations were carried out during 1991-92 and 1992-93 seasons in Adana (altitude: 50m) and Pozanti (altitude: 1100m) ecological conditions in order to compare the behaviour of 8 strawberry cvs (Aliso, Tioga, Tufts, Vista, Pocahontas, Cruz, Douglas and Dana) with summer planting system. The plantings were repeated each year in Adana but the plants of the first year were kept in their places and their second crop was obtained in second year. During 1991-92 season the yield per plant in Adana was found much higher than that of the Pozanti. However, since the second crop of Pozanti's plants was quite satisfactory, this type of growing is recommended. In Adana spring rains during the flowering and peak season reduce the yield therefore here protected cultivation is recommended. When the yield/plant, average size of the fruits, TSS were considered, Tufts, Vista and Cruz were found superior than the other cvs tested.

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