Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

The Cost Analysis of Wheat, Barley, Potato, Sunflower, Sugarbeet and Vetch Products in Erzurum Prowince and The Econometric Analysis of the Supply Functions of Those Products




The study has been conducted to put forward the factors that affect the area of cultivation of wheat, barley, potato, sunflower, sugarbeet and vetch by analysing the cost and supply functions of these crops. The study was carried out in Central District of Erzurum, Ilica, Askale and Pasinler. It has been concluded that under irrigated conditions in Erzurum for 1993, the cost of 1 kg of wheat is 3823.94 TL., barley 2007.83 TL., potato 1343.19 TL., sunflower 7238.01 TL., sugarbeet 648.81 TL., and vetch 1444.27 TL. According to the results of ecnomoic analysis of supply functions of important crops in the region, noneconomic factors played more important role than economic ones in determining the cultivation area.

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