Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Determination of Germination Rate Coefficients of Loquat Seeds and Their Embryos Stratified in Various Media for Different Duration




In this paper, the effects of stratification, stratification period and stratification media on the coefficients of germination rates of the seeds and embryos of Gold Nugget and Tanaka loquat cultivars were investigated. Seeds were stratified at 4¼C (cool) and at room temperatures. Both the seeds and embryos obtained from the stratified seeds germinated quicker than those of the unstratified seeds. Germination rate coefficient of the seeds, stratified at room temperature (8.56) were higher than that of the seeds stratified at 4¼C (7.21). The embryos of the seeds, stratified at 4¼C, showed higher germination rate coefficients (15.48) than that of the seeds, stratified at room temperature (13,40). Seeds, stored 30 days in both storage media, stratified or unstratified, and their embryos, obtained from them, germinated in shorter period than that of those, stored 15 days.

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