Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Iodine Contents of Water, Soil and Plant Samples in Kastamonu Region




Public water, surface soil and plant tissue samples, in all counties of Kastamonu, a region where iodine deficiency disorders are common, were analyzed for the determination of their iodine contents. Iodide concentrations of all water samples analyzed were found to be under the recommended limits. The values changed between 0.8-8.3 µg/l The lowest average concentration was 1.25 µg/l (Seydiler), and the highest was 4,4 µg/l (Abana). Iodide contents of the soils were between 57-219 µg/kg with the lowest contents in Ihsangazi and Abana, and the highest contents in Daday and Araç counties. It was determined that the iodide contents of plant samples changed in a wide range between 177-2580 µg/kg on a dry matter basis.

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